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Developing a ceremony is a lot like writing a biography. It's all about getting to know you, getting a sense of your style and humor, and understanding what's important to discuss on your big day. A totally custom ceremony opens the door for a bespoke, Pinterest-worthy wedding without hoarding mason jars. If you're a little traditional, but want a personalized script, we can help with that, too. The point is, when your friend, brother or hired officiant steps up to the lectern and to start your service, you want it to be a reflection of you and your fiancé. That's where I can help.


Let's face it -- traditional is not your look. Whether you're opting for something quick or something that lasts longer than an episode of Friends, you want something that no one else will have. It's your wedding day. You want it to be your ceremony. I get that.

A completely custom ceremony takes a ton of time and research, and if you're working and planning the rest of the big day, that can be tough. Maybe you're just not one for writing. That's okay! I'll work with you and your betrothed to craft something totally unique, totally you, and totally ready for your big day. 


You're a little traditional when it comes to making sure the script sounds like a legit wedding, but you definitely want something that's customized to you and your fiancé. I can help with that, too! By using some tried and true rituals, "tale as old as time" readings, and trusty "I do" moments from traditional ceremonies and mixing them with bits of your personal story, I can develop a ceremony that fits your style perfectly. 

Vow Development

"Let's write our own vows!" she said. "It'll be easy!" he said. 

As much as I want She and He to be right, they are not. It takes an in-betweener, someone on the inside to ensure that your vows aren't a paragraph while your partner's are a list. Someone needs to make sure that they're both the same length so one partner doesn't craft a sonnet while the other delivers a limerick. 

Let me help you lend my writing expertise, exercise my editing skills, and ensure that your vows are beautiful, heartfelt and not super weird on your big day. 




A good (read: any) wedding speech should never begin with, "I want to share this story from the bachelor/ette party." Avoid awkward moments like these with a custom speech written to make you and your friends sound amazing. 

Have a bit of stage fright? I'll work with you to talk about ways to prepare and practice your speech to make it flow easily and sound fantastic.


It's hard to talk about yourself. And as much as you want your wedding website to truly reflect your personal brand, it's just not shaping up the way you thought it would. Leave the content to me and you post all those super adorable pics from your engagement session. I'll handle the rest.



You know all those super amazing weddings in magazines and on wedding blogs? Those were just sent in by regular people who had a stunning wedding. After your big day, let's talk about crafting the perfect article submission that will make your wedding the belle of the Internet ball. Instagram will never recover. 





Hiring an officiant can be pretty scary. You are putting your wedding in this person's hands, but you don't even know him or her. Yikes! When I officiate weddings, I meet with clients multiple times to discuss more than just their vision for the day -- it's about hearing your history and learning your love story. It's important to me to be friends first. After that, we'll develop the right kind of ceremony for your marriage to ensure it will be meaningful for the rest of your lives.

Oh, and don't worry about all those pesky forms. I'm on it.



      Photo by  Tamara Jaros Photography